Atlantic Solius General Atlantic
Atlantic Solius General Atlantic
Solius Panel Heater General Atlantic
Solius Panel Heater General Atlantic

Atlantic Solius Electric Heater

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From the people that brought you the much-loved Tatou comes the Atlantic Solius Heater. It's sleek, it's stylish and it's really smart. It's basically the Rolls Royce of electric heaters.

With an extensive heat panel, weekly programming and homogenous heat spread, the Atlantic Soius is one of the most energy-efficient heaters on the market. It also comes with a seven-year warranty

It also comes with feet, so only buy feet if you need an extra pair. 


  • Instantaneous feeling of warmth & homogeneous heat spread
  • 70% radiant and 30% convection heat 
  • Easy prog: 24h/7, program your device according to your life rhythm for greater comfort & savings
  • Extensive heat panel with black painted extruded aluminium heating element with a wide heating surface
  • Ultimate safety due to Class II, IP 24 protection and dual electric insulation
  • Anti-tilt system and automatic overheating safety device
  • Highly accurate electronic thermostat (to 1/10 of a degree)


What size heater should I get? 

You need about 80 w of heat per sqm ([sqm of the room] x 0.08 = how many kW of heat you need).

  • 1kW heater - 15 sqm 
  • 1.5kW heater - 15 - 20 sqm
  • 2kW heater - 20 -25 sqm

If your room is bigger than 25 sqm, you can top it up with an extra heater. Just make sure the heaters are at opposite sides of the room and near surfaces you're trying to heat. 

Is it child-safe /proof?

The Atlantic Soluis heater is a heater, so it does get hot. While it won't burn instantly, a child will learn pretty quickly that they shouldn't touch it.

As a general rule, you must keep children under the age of three away from this heater, unless they are under constant surveillance. 

If knocked over, the heater will turn off. 

Note - may contain traces of peanuts (jokes) 

How do I fit the feet/castors to my heater? 

We recommend that you mount these heaters to a wall. If this is not possible, you can fit the feet to the heater instead.

To do this, remove the bracket from the back of the heater. This will expose the holes you need to fit the feet. 

The bracket isn't screwed in, but you do need to wiggle it around to remove it. We found that it is easiest to remove when you pop off one arm of the bracket at a time. 

See this video for a demonstration of how to attach the feet.


Output Width Height  Depth  Net weight (kg)
1000W / 1kW 601 mm 477 mm 129 mm 5.8 kg
1500 / 1.5 kW 823 mm 477 mm 129 mm 7.8 kg
2000 / 2kW 1045 mm 477 mm 129 mm 9.2 kg

For more information, check out the Atlantic Solius infosheet 

Struggling to mounting it to a wall? Check out this video of Dan installing one.

Struggling to attach the feet? Check out this video of Dan attaching one.

Need some spare feet for your Solius heater? Get spare feet here