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Hungry Bin Worm Farm - Wellington Pick Up only General Hungry Bin
Hungry Bin Worm Farm - Wellington Pick Up only General Hungry Bin

Hungry Bin Worm Farm - Wellington Pick Up only

Hungry Bin
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The Hungry Bin is a clean, simple and easy way to dispose of organic waste using worms to compost. The hungry bin can process up to 2kg of food and other organic waste every day.  This will slow down a little in Winter just like any other outdoor composting system. 

At Sustainability Trust, we use our Hungry Bin in the staff kitchen. It's clean, odour-free and efficient. Just put your scraps in the top of the bin, where the worms convert them into worm 'castings' (worm poo).

**Tip: If you open the lid and it's smelling quite strong then there is a good chance the acidity levels are little out.  The easiest way to run the worm farm is through a layering of 'Green & Brown'.  Organic waste and then shredded newspaper, cardboard, dried leaves, wood chip etc to help provide some carbon.

The castings fall to the lower part of the bin, where you can easily remove them for use as a plant super-food or soil conditioner. Generally, castings will need to be removed from the bin once every 4-6 months. Liquid drains down through the bin and passes through a filter housed in the floor, into the drip tray. This liquid is an ideal fertiliser.

Pick up from our Eco-Centre at 2 Forresters Lane, Te Aro, Wellington
Due to its size, we are unable to send the Hungry Bin via courier.
(Worms available from the Hungry Bin supplier with a discount voucher in the box)


• Secure lid to keeps pests out
• Vents supply healthy airflow for worms
• Removable filter allows easy cleaning
• Drip tray included for collecting liquid fertiliser
• Strong, sturdy zinc-plated legs
• Large durable wheels
• Low maintenance
• Designed and made in New Zealand

Assembled dimensions: 950 x 65 x 60cm
Colour: Green
Empty weight: 12kg
Operational weight: 60-90kg
Carton dimensions: 65 x 60 x 45cm