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Wellington Honey 500g net

Wellington Honey
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Wellington Honey is a small niche business based in Wellington, New Zealand. The bees collect the nectar from local gardens and the extensive native bush surrounding the city.  This means that you can choose the honey from a suburb closest to where you live, and even locate the hive it comes from! Te Aro, Wilton, Karori, Island bay, Kilbirnie... (availability will vary depending on the bees!)  This honey is unique to Wellington and a great gift!

The main flora source is pohutukawa with other honeys like clover, manuka/kanuka, citrus and many others. As the honey is neither heated nor filtered, it retains all the goodness helpful to immunity support.

Also, because it is so windy here in Wellington, we believe that the bees work harder to select the best flowers.

Give it a go!