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Sustainability Trust provides full supply and install services for insulation, heating, ventilation and lighting products, to homes across the Wellington region. Our professional and experienced installers can make the job easy for you, and when you spend with us you're supporting community programmes which empower everyone to live sustainably.


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  • Insulation quote
    Insulation quote General Sustainability Trust
  • Heating quote
    Heating quote General Sustainability Trust
  • Ventilation quote
    Ventilation quote General Sustainability Trust
  • LED downlight quote
    LED downlight quote General Sustainability Trust
  • Electrical product install
    Electrical product install General Sustainability Trust
  • Mammoth Multi Underfloor Insulation
    Mammoth Multi Underfloor Insulation General Mammoth Multi
  • Ground Vapour Barrier
    Ground Vapour Barrier insulation Sustainability Trust
  • Heater install - wall mounted
    Heater install - wall mounted General Sustainability Trust EcoShop