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GreenStuf Eco Wrap Hot Water Cylinder Wrap Kit General GreenStuf Pickup

GreenStuf Eco Wrap Hot Water Cylinder Wrap Kit

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Reduce your water heating bills by up to 30% with a GreenStuf Eco Wrap hot water cylinder insulation wrap kit.

This bestselling DIY product is a 100% polyester blanket bonded to an aluminium film. Each pack contains one Eco Wrap hot water cylinder wrap (3 metres x 1200mm wide + 150mm foil overlap), one roll of foil tape and installation instructions for fitting to electric cylinders and hot water pipes.

GreenStuf polyester insulation is:

  • Warm and energy-efficient
  • Fire retardant and safe with insulation-coverable downlights 
  • Moisture and vermin resistant 
  • Chemical free and safe to touch 
  • Environmentally friendly - made locally from a minimum of 45% recycled PET plastic and recyclable after use
  • Backed by a 50 year manufacturer durability guarantee

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Retrofitting insulation onto electric hot water cylinders is an excellent way to preserve heat and energy, with a simple thermal layer that keeps your water hotter for longer with less energy use. An easy way to save money and energy.

We highly recommend insulating the first metre of your hot water pipes with our closed-cell rubber pipe lagging (available separately).