Hygrometer General Thermopro
Hygrometer General Thermopro
Hygrometer General Thermopro
Hygrometer General Thermopro


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Here at Sustainability Trust, we believe in warm, dry and healthy homes. What better way to track it than an easy to use desktop (or magnet on fridge) Hygrometer that records/reads temperature and humidity levels. Read our tips on how best to use the Hygrometer to keep a healthy home.

According to the World Health Organisation, your house temperature should sit between 18 - 22 degrees Celsius. Humidity should not be above 65% as too much humidity will cause mildew, mould, damage to electronics.

Different rooms in your house can also have different temperatures depending on their location, keeping an eye on room temperature is important for you to feel comfortable in your own home and this device allows you to have accurate regulation. 

Product Features: 

  • Small and portable design with a large screen so that you can easily read and move the device from location to location

  • High accuracy 1%Relative Humidity reading and ±1°F/°C, and a wide temperature range from -50°C ~ 70°C (-58°F to 158°F)

  • Reads humidity and temperature levels so that you can regulate your household for maximum comfort

  • Smart display with three speciality regulator levels so that you know if your home has low, comfortable or high humidity

  • Made with a table stand and a magnetic backing for optimal placement around your household

  • Measures current readings and compares to daily records so you know how to best prepare for the day

  • Easy to clear settings, press and hold the clear button for 2 seconds to clear the record maximum and minimum humidity/temperature readings

Hygrometer does not come with AAA battery.