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BioGrow Fertilpots Gardening BioGrow 6x6cm (pack of 24)
BioGrow Fertilpots Gardening BioGrow
BioGrow Fertilpots Gardening BioGrow 10x18cm (individual)
BioGrow Fertilpots Gardening BioGrow 5x9cm Round (individual)

BioGrow Fertilpots

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Fertilpots are 100% organic and biodegradable. They are a fantastic replacement for plastic plant pots.  

They are:

  • made entirely of natural and sustainable materials
  • manufactured by environmentally friendly processes
  • are cost-efficient throughout the production/distribution/sales chain
  • encourage healthier root formation and plant growth than conventional pots and bags
  • are planted directly into the ground without removing the plant
  • decompose over several months to form natural, soil-enriching humus
  • reduce transplant shock, ensuring better, faster establishment of plants
  • eliminate industry cost of collecting, cleaning and sterilising used plastic pots
  • leave zero waste (vs traditional pots/bags) to litter or end up in landfill