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Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Good Bones 750 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Night Fever 750 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Breath in Breath out 750 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Bloom 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Birbs of NZ 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Flora Aotearoa 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky The Future is Bright 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Mango Monkey 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Cheeky Cockatoo 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Tin Mania 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Stripey Horse 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Kowhai Lantern & Friends 500 ml
Chunky Drink Bottle General Chunky Flourish 500 ml

Chunky Drink Bottle

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Chunky reusable, recyclable, double-walled hot & cold stainless steel drink bottles. 

Chunky Drink Bottles was launched in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2017. Back then the crew collaborated with two amazing artists to create four designs that would bring something new to the market. Today they have 46 designs by 20 local and international artists and are available in retail stores across New Zealand and Australia. 

We love the Chunky Artist series because their bottles are fully recyclable and they support emerging artists! It's a win win.

About the bottles:

  • Two sizes: 500 ml & 750 ml
  • 18/8 Double-walled stainless steel
  • 12 hours hot, 24 hours cold
  • BPA free inner lid
  • Fully recyclable 

About the recycling initiative:

In an effort to keep their bottles (and other reusable metal bottles) out of landfill, Chunky has participating retailers across NZ that collect banged up / broken bottles that no longer serve their purpose. 

We are not an official drop off point yet, but you can drop off their bottles (or any other reusable metal bottles) as a part of our metal recycling service.

About the designers & their bottles:

  • Good Bones 750 ml - Carly Williams.

Carly Williams constantly evolving work reflects her obsession with all things raw, bold & beautiful. Carly's paintings have been described as vivid & brash in colour & composition, with a strong emphasis on rich texture & moody tones.

  • Night Fever 750 ml - Tess Smith-Roberts.

Tess Smith-Roberts is an illustrator and printmaker based in London. She approaches her work with humour, bold shapes, and a playful use of colour. As well as editorial illustration, she also creates a range of printed matter, such as risograph prints, screen prints and t-shirts.

  • Breathe In Breath Out 750 ml - Jen Sievers.

Jen Sievers has a passion for the abstract, and because she’s not very good at sitting still, her style is constantly evolving. She paints obsessively in her home studio in the foothills of the Waitakeres, New Zealand, surrounded by birds, trees, and a daughter who thinks she’s a unicorn.

  • Bloom 500 ml, Flora Aotearoa 500 ml & Flourish - Laura Shallcrass.

Laura Shallcrass is a Wellington born artist and commercial illustrator based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Flora and fauna feature heavily in her work, alongside gemstones and minerals hovering, dreamlike, against scenes ethereal and yet familiar. Laura paints in oils and gouache and draws in ink and graphite, creating sparse and yet detail-focused works of infinite depth and stillness.

  • Birbs of NZ 500 ml - Malengeo.

Auckland artist & illustrator Michael Kennedy (aka Malangeo) creates wonderfully weird portraits of “creepy-cute” critters, macabre beasties & floofy fat birds. His work is a celebration of traditional oil painting techniques, digital illustration and contemporary pop surreal style. And yes, birbs is correct - we checked. 

    • The Future is Bright 500 ml - Lisa Congdon.

    Illustrator and author Lisa Congdon is best known for her colorful, graphic drawings and hand lettering. She works for prestigious clients around the world and is also the author of eight books!

      • Mango Monkey 500 ml & Cheeky Cockatoo - Sally Browne.

      Sally Browne is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. Sally grew up in the UK where she studied Art and Surface Pattern Design before arriving in Australia and retraining as a graphic designer. She explores colour, composition and line to generate two-dimensional decorative narratives of her surroundings.

      • Stripey Horse 500 ml & Tin Mania 500 ml - Tony Cribb. 

      Tony Cribb lives in Christchurch with his wifey, two boys, a cat, a dog, and numerous bumblebees that keep flying in through the door. Cribb’s work is constantly bouncing around different ideas, themes, styles, and colours. Much of his work revolves around themes of goals and journeys and the difficulties inherent in both, with a typically light touch, his work is ultimately encouraging and inspires hope.

      • Kowhai Lantern & Friends 500 ml - Ema Frost.

      Ema burst onto the Auckland scene in 2010 and has been captivating her fans with her unique style ever since. Her bright colours to give life to beautiful images, the inspiration of which comes from Ema’s fascination and deep respect for the mystery and magic found in Maori and Japanese folklore.