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Ego Socket - Efergy General Solis Energy
Ego Socket - Efergy General Solis Energy

Ego Socket - Efergy

Solis Energy
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The easy way to monitor and reduce energy use. Learn how much energy your appliance is using and control it with the paired phone app, choosing your own schedule, countdown or real-time.

This innovative technology can help anyone to understand and reduce their power bills.   

Simply plug the Efergy smart master socket directly into your power socket and download the mobile phone app. Then you're free to test each appliance!

Once plugged into the master socket, the app can track the energy use and clearly displays:

  • Total consumption
  • Current consumption
  • Minimum consumption
  • Historical, over key time frames e.g. hours, days, months. 

You may be surprised to learn how much it really costs to run your TV, lights, heater, computer games, kettle, heater, computer, sound system... and how this can change.

When connected, the app can be used to control your electrical appliances to help reduce energy use or adapt it to your movements, e.g.

  • Set the heater to come on 30 mins before hometime
  • Forgot to turn off the lights? Turn them off from work! 
  • Run the dehumidifier when and only as much as you need it 
  • Set the washing machine to finish when you arrive home 
  • Switch on/off up to 5 sockets

Gain control over your energy use and power bills with this Efergy Eco Socket.