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Figgy & Co. - Home Cleaning Liquid Soap 500ml General Figgy & Co

Figgy & Co. - Home Cleaning Liquid Soap 500ml

Figgy & Co
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This liquid cleaning soap is made using all-natural, non-toxic and no filling ingredients! They use an original technique, with 100% NZ sourced coconut oil, to make this Castile cleaning soap.

Use this soap for hand and clothes washing and in cleaners for around your home. Specially formulated for cleaning, this concentrated liquid soap will easily clean away dirt and grime.

This soap is also the perfect ingredient for DIY cleaning recipes that call for liquid or castile soap.

Ingredients: Soap (distilled water, coconut oil, lye, and citric acid as pH buffer when required)


To Use 1-2 Tbsp per bucket of warm water or a small amount onto a damp cloth for spot cleaning.

Made in Wellington, New Zealand