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Ground Vapour Barrier insulation Sustainability Trust

Ground Vapour Barrier


A ground vapour barrier protects against rising damp and mould, making homes drier, warmer and easier to heat.

This ground vapour barrier is 250 micron thick polythene for long-lasting, maximum protection from cold and damp.

Up to 35 litres of water a day can be released into a home from exposed soil under the house. This 'rising damp' moisture raises the inside relative humidity which can cause mould to grow and moisture problems such as condensation on walls and windows. A house with a high moisture content is often colder and more expensive to heat. Ground vapour barriers provide protection from the cold and damp ground, preventing moisture rising.

Sustainability Trust services include insulation assessment, fix-up, top-up and full install of energy-efficient insulation from leading brands such as GreenStuf and Pink Batts. Insulation installations come with a three-year workmanship guarantee to NZS:4246 (2016) standards. 


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