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HIPPIESTRAW Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

The Hippie Straw
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They are finally here, due to popular demand! 

The Hippiestraw silicone reusable bags are a great alternative to replace those old plastic bags and even lunch boxes. Bring your salad to work, keep those lettuces fresh for longer in your fridge, or even store any liquids like your favourite almond milk.

Made of pure silicone that is safe, healthy, eco-friendly to our environment, reusable, recyclable, non- allergic and non toxic to the environment. 

Choose from 2 sizes, Small 1000ml and Large 1500ml.

The bags are made with the best quality silicone material to ensure these bags will last you a life time. It's all about reusing!

The Hippiestraw Silicone bags are FDA & SGS APPROVED FOOD GRADE SILICONE. It means they are safe for your health and of your family. Silicone won't release any nasty chemicals as it doesn't contain any fillers or coatings like BPA, BPS, BPF, PCV and phthalates.

COMPLETE HERMETIC SEAL:  completely leak proof vacuumed and zip-locked container that can store any kind of food or liquids. Unlike other bags, the HippieStraw bags are 100% waterproof leak. In fact so hermetic that you will find that the first few times you start using your zip bags,  the lock might be a bit tight , but don't worry they are intended like that for the purpose of making them super airtight and preservation efficient. 

Our bags are so versatile that you can put them in your microwave, in boiling water and dish washer. Silicone has the property of being SUPER RESISTANT TO EXTREME TEMPERATURES, from -50C to 250+C.