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Hopi Castile Soap General Hopi
Hopi Castile Soap General Hopi

Hopi Castile Soap

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Hopi is a Wellington based small business that makes environmentally friendly body products. Over an 18 month period Hopi experimented with handmade soap recipes and eventually came up with one that is gentle and can be repeated on a small commercial scale. It was tested on numerous friends and colleagues with skin issues, but has never been near a lab. It has even been used to clean their cat and so good for animals too.

We have two types available:

Pure Castile is the most gentle soap in the range. This long lasting and moisturising soap will take the stress out of bathing for adults and children with sensitive skin. It can also be used grated/melted in to various home made cleaning or body care shampoo recipes as well.

Marseille Soap with Geranium and Ylang Ylang Made will 100% Wairarapa Olive Oil and Makara Seawater, this Marseilles soap will leave your hair shiny and your skin soft. Finish with a little of your favourite conditioner. Marseille soap is traditionally from the city of Marseilles in France and is made with seawater instead of the fresh water used in Castile soap. Uses for Marseilles soap can include an anitseptic, a shaving soap and a laundry stain remover, but why waste it around the house when it's so good on your body? Unlike traditional Marseille soap this bar is Cold Processed, which means the manufacturing process starts at room temperature and uses the exothermic properties of the reaction between water and lye to heat the olive oil to an ideal temperature to make soap. Traditional Marseille soap is slow cooked for twenty days and then dried for ten - the end result is similar but slightly more harsh than the soap for sale here.

These soaps come in an individual recyclable cardboard box.

Each soap is 110g.