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Hopi Castile Soap (Raroa Gully) General Hopi
Hopi Castile Soap General Hopi

Hopi Castile Soap (Raroa Gully)

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Hopi is a Wellington-based small business that makes environmentally friendly body products. Over an 18 month period, Hopi experimented with handmade soap recipes and eventually came up with one that is gentle and can be repeated on a small commercial scale. It was tested on numerous friends and colleagues with skin issues but has never been near a lab. It has even been used to clean their cat and so good for animals too.

Pure Castile is the most gentle soap in the range. This long-lasting and moisturising soap will take the stress out of bathing for adults and children with sensitive skin. It can also be used grated/melted into various homemade cleaning or body care shampoo recipes as well.


Each soap is 110g.