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The Little Ethique range is designed to be gentle and delicate for little ones. Free from plastic and nasties.

Trial Pack

With this trial pack for little ones, even the kids can bid farewell to plastic bottles. We've got the generation for change sorted with this trial pack, covering them tip-to-toe. This is also the perfect little gift for expecting parents! Trial pack includes:

  • Tip-to-Tot: Solid multi-purpose wash 
  • Untangled: Solid conditioner
  • Love Baby Bar: Solid massage bar
  • Baby Bott Balm: Solid calming bum balm 


Tip-to-Tot Solid Multi-Purpose Wash

This solid wash cleans your little one from top to toe without any plastic.

Ethique use flaxseed oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter to leave delicate skin and hair soft and clean, whilst gentle doses of mandarin and lavender essential oils make bath time a calming and fun experience. pH-balanced and free of soap or sulphates, Tip-to-Tot is super kind to sensitive skin and is suitable for babies and grown-ups alike. 110g