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Method Recycling Bins General Method
Method Recycling Bins General Method
Method Recycling Bins General Method

Method Recycling Bins

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Designed to be out in the open, Method’s award-winning bins are designed to help modern workplaces divert waste from landfill to make a visible difference. The bins are placed next to each other to create flexible recycling stations. The bins effectively help you to recycle more and waste less while being a visible statement of your commitment to sustainability.

Create your own station by selecting the streams that you need for your space. Check with your waste provider about how your recyclables are to be collected. The streams available are:

  • Amber Plastic and Cans
  • Amber Mixed Recycling for glass, plastic and cans 
  • Amber Co-mingled Recycling for glass, plastic, cans and paper
  • Grey Paper for paper and card
  • Blue Glass
  • Green Organics to collect food and other organic waste 
  • Red Landfill for what is left that cannot be recycled

All bins except the Grey Paper bin are available in open or touch lids. Open lids are suitable for high-traffic areas with regular collection. Whereas, touch lids contain odours for slower-moving streams - particularly organics and landfill. Purchase yours below. 


350mm x 350mm x 755mm
60L Capacity
Made from Polypropylene (fully recyclable)
At least 50% of the black components are made from recycled materials


Shipping available to the North Island. 1 bin - $15, 2-3 bins: $30, 4-7 bins: $50, 8-17 bins: $110, 18+ $200. 

Pay it forward…

By buying a Method bin you are not only creating a sustainable workplace you are also supporting Sustainability Trust to carry on its great work. Win-win!

For more info on how your purchase will help to create a more sustainable environment for all check out how were funded.

We also supply great signage and reusable bin liners to support your team separating their waste and recycling successfully.

For further help in creating a sustainable workplace click here.