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Millstream Garden She'll be Right Balm Body Millstream Gardens

Millstream Garden She'll be Right Balm

Millstream Gardens
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Millstream Gardens brings you a natural, healthy 'do-it-all' versatile balm. Whether it be to ease muscle pain, heal grazes, cracked skin or other minor injuries this antiseptic balm is a solution to all your first aid concerns. Comfrey and Calendula Ointment, or ‘Green Magic’, are the main healing and antiseptic ingredients.

Contents: Maceration of Comfrey leaves (Symphytum officinale) and Calendula officinalis flowers in Olive oil (Olea europaea), and Beeswax.

Kiwi Slang Definition: ‘She’ll be Right’ – (‘she’ can refer to anything) “whatever is wrong will right itself with time”, it’ll be ok, sums up the Kiwis’ cruisy attitude to life. ‘She’ll be right, Mate’.

Tin (plastic free)