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Mitsubishi Classic GE Air Conditioner Heat Pump General Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Classic GE Air Conditioner Heat Pump


Mitsubishi’s Classic GE range is widely recognized as New Zealand’s quietest heat pump series. The neutral design and superior energy saving features make it a fantastic option, with models suitable for any sized room.

We supply and install:

Small room systems: 

MSZ-GE25VAD2 - 3kW heating, 2.5 kW cooling

MSZ-GE35VAD2 - 4kW heating, 3.5 kW cooling

Medium room systems: 

MSZ-GE42VAD2 - 5kW heating, 4.2kW cooling

MSZ-GE50VAD2 - 5.8kW heating, 4.8kW cooling

Large room systems: 

MSZ-GE60VAD - 6.8kW heating, 6kW cooling

MSZ-GE71VAD - 8.1kW heating, 7.1kW cooling

MSZ-GE80VAD - 9kW heating, 7.8kW cooling

Homes should be around 20 degrees to be warm, dry, healthy and comfortable. Without effective heating a room is unlikely to be warm enough, which can cause serious health issues and discomfort. Heaters with digital thermostatic controls and timers prevent underheating, overheating and unnecessarily high energy bills.

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