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Moon Turtle Mood Journal General Moon Turtle
Moon Turtle Mood Journal General Moon Turtle
Moon Turtle Mood Journal General Moon Turtle

Moon Turtle Mood Journal

Moon Turtle
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Moon Turtle is a mental health journal 

AdultMoon Turtle began in 2015 as part of an assignment Anna was doing at Yoobee School of Design. When its toes were put in the water, it proved to be more helpful than just contributing towards passing a course. With the help and energy of Imogen, the design was refined and put into production.

The journal has twenty-one double-page spreads – one per day for three weeks – the left-hand side to be filled out in the morning, and the right to be filled out in the evening. The guided journaling is designed to take less than five minutes, but still taking note of telling signs in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. By identifying patterns that appear over the twenty-one days and familiarising them, you're put in a position to be more conscious of how each of these factors interacts and lead to better or worse days.

This kind of journaling is particularly helpful for those who are seeing a therapist/counsellor/psychologist as the consistent documenting builds up a more accurate picture of the time between appointments. It's easy for your perception of that time to be skewed by how you're feeling on the day.

Junior - Moon Turtle Junior has grown from the success of our first journal, Moon Turtle - A Mood Journal (a 21-day journal that aims to help with the managing of mental health-related matters through identifying the links between thoughts, emotions, and behaviour).

Moon Turtle Junior works a little differently. We have designed it for children ages 8 to 12 years to fill in either by themselves or with an adult. The book includes fifteen diary spreads which are to be filled out following an instance where the child has experienced a negative emotion (getting upset, feeling embarrassed, or nervous, or left out - those kinda feels).

The diary section (made up of drawings and open-ended questions) encourages the child to reflect on how they felt, and how they can deal with these feelings when they arise in the future. The great thing about Moon Turtle Junior is that it helps to facilitate what some parents might find to be a difficult conversation - talking about feelings with a child is incredibly important in their emotional and mental well-being. 

Following the diary entries, are a series of activities which aim to develop coping mechanisms, understanding and empathy for others, gratitude, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

Moon Turtle Junior is an A4 (210 x 297mm), 48-page journal printed in Wellington, New Zealand with a 283 GSM Kraft cover, and 120 GSM Advanced Laser Offset inside pages.

Illustrations by Aimee Smith ( and Carissa Corlett (