Nil Food Wraps General Munch
Nil Food Wraps General Munch
Nil Food Wraps General Munch
Nil Food Wraps General Munch Small twin
Nil Food Wraps General Munch Medium twin
Nil Food Wraps General Munch Large twin

Nil Food Wraps

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A Nil Food Wrap is a great way to convert to this healthier, more environmentally conscious way of living. And Nil’s keep your food fresher and overtime it is more economicial!

You can use Nil wraps for wrapping cheese, covering jam or that last bit of milk. They are also great for wrapping a half of a tomato or cucumber etc.

Handmade in NZ using only NZ ingredients.

Nothing added means no unnatural additives like preservatives or chemicals.  Nothing taken means the ingredients are generally bi products.  Nil waste means once finished the Nils add nothing more to the rubbish tip as they are biodegradable

Care and usage

Just keep reusing your Nils.
- If they need to be washed or wiped just use cold water and mild soap. Do not run them under hot water as this will melt the wax.
- Nils should be stored on their packaging roll rather than folded to avoid the wax cracking.
- With the warmth of your hands mould the wraps around a bowl, fruit, cheese, vegetable etc that you wish to store and then place in the fridge.  We suggest Nils work their best when storing food in the fridge as the coolness of the fridge seals the wax to your item.
- Nils do not perform well around heat.
- Nils are not to be used to wrap meat, washed in the dishwasher or microwavable.
- Nils are biodegradable


Approximately 6 months


Organic cotton, Organic New Zealand Beeswax, Organic New Zealand propolis, Jojoba oil

Order options

- Starter pack (one of each size)
- Small twin pack (2 small 20 x 20cm)
- Medium twin pack (2 medium 20 x 30cm)
- Large twin pack (2 large 20 x 30cm)

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