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Pacific Perfumes create and design fragrance reflecting the essence of Aotearoa and the Pacific. The Artisan Botanical Range in award-winning packaging make unique gifts and come in three different scents (see below). All made in New Zealand. Pacific Perfumes support eco and green options and their wooden perfume pots come from NZ Rainforest Alliance and FSC Certified Forests. Proudly Certified Cruelty Free.

The Wild Goddess - A sensually elegant fragrance, voluptuously evocative of rare botanicals and untamed imagination. A  sinuous weaving of Frankincense and Cedarwood with an arousing edginess of Tobacco Leaf, undertones of Ylang Ylang and Benzoin reflect serenity and strength. As the name suggests, there's a mythical and ancient quality but that doesn’t make it old-fashioned, just deeply warm (you'd never notice the touch of Nutmeg!) and very knowing.10 mls - 0.35 oz 100% solid Botanical Perfume. 

Pure Legend - A smouldering, earthy scent at the soul of this infusion billows with smoky Vetiver, green Violet Leaf Absolute and intriguing heart florals of Wild Rose. Brushed with voluptuous Labdanum and Balsam Fir to soften and sweeten. A touch of Patchouli gives way to a lingering memory of an ocean scent with opulence, luxurious and richly textured. It’s perfect for men and women, having the feel of an outdoors spirit turned loose upon the world. Wildly, greenly romantic in an absolutely fresh and innocent way. 10 mls - 0.35 oz 100% solid Botanical Perfume.

Pacific GoddessInspired by the mysticism of the female deities in the Pacific, Pacific Goddess is strong, creative and nurturing. Dramatic Alahehe, Goddess of Love; Hina, Goddess of the Moon, Patroness of Travellers; and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother of all. Born of volcanic mythical legends, this wonderful blend is the most popular solid perfume fragrance. Test the waters! Its both soft and intensely rich, full of spicy yet delicate vanilla extracts. 10mls - 0.33oz solid perfume in Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable wood pot. 

All wrapped in Rainforest Alliance certified sustainable wood pot wrapped in award winning packaging. 

Pacific Perfumes donate $1 from each and every sale of the Artisan range to the NZ Forest and Bird Society who plays an invaluable role in protecting and nurturing Aotearoa’s native plants, animals and wild places.