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Smooch Doctor Smooch 40g Body Smooch natural products

Smooch Doctor Smooch 40g

Smooch natural products
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A nourishing daily moisturiser designed for dry or sensitive skin.

Dr. Smooch is great for skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry skin, athlete’s foot, anti-ageing, after sun, hardened or cracked skin, rashes and after shaving.

  • No fillers 
  • No fragrances or preservatives (parabens). 
  • No sulphates or stabilisers which keep products in cream form. 
  • No chemicals or petro-chemicals (specific chemical compounds, which can be made from oil, natural gas, coal etc.). 
  • No animal by-products. 
  • No plastic packaging or palm oil. 
Also safe and good for babies. From cradle cap to nappy rash. Help soothe irritated or dry skin anywhere on the baby.