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Space Window Insulation Film Kit insulation Sustainability Trust

Space Window Insulation Film Kit

Sustainability Trust
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Window film forms a protective barrier between cold glass and the home. This helps to keep heat and energy inside, and to keep the cold outside. 

Space window insulation film is lightweight, transparent and shrink fit for a tight, discrete layer of window insulation. The DIY kit contains 20m2 film, a roll of 50m window film tape and installation instructions. 

In the right conditions, Space window insulation film insulates better than standard double glazing, yet it only costs $120 for a kit that will insulate around 10 standard windows. It can even be applied to the exterior of aluminium windows and is made locally in New Zealand.

Easy to DIY install - just needs a hairdryer, scissors and at least two hands.

Check out these installation instructions. 

Find out more. 

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What about aluminium window frames?
Aluminium window frames are very low profile and usually only allow for a 2mm air gap between the window and the film, which is not enough to deliver the promised insulation benefits. In contrast, the outside of aluminium window frames allows for up to 20mm air gap. The Space window film kit is 20 microns thick and UV protected so it can be outside. It won't last as long as inside, but it should last at least a few years. It’s possible you’ll see uneven fading on your frames if you take it down after years, as the tape will block UV light.

It is possible to install Space window insulation film inside aluminium windows, it just takes some extra work and materials. You can build a simple four-sided frame that fits into the window opening and can be removed (e.g. in summer or to open the windows to ventilate). This is a great solution because the frames are easily taken down at the end of winter, stored carefully in the garage and easily put back up in autumn.