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Sticky Beak weeder - Long General Sticky Beak

Sticky Beak weeder - Long

Sticky Beak
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A long version of the handiest tool for any garden! 

The Sticky Beak weeder is incredibly versatile. Use it to:

  • weed beds and pots
  • clear weeds from in-between concrete cracks or other tight places
  • grub flower beds
  • prepare earth for seed sowing
  • hoe garden beds
  • as a cultivating tool (on it's side)
  • clean out drains

The native beech handle is classic and comfortable, great if you suffer from a touch of arthritis or use the tool a lot.

This long version has a 1300mm long handle. 

Includes a strong 6mm galvanised steel prong with aluminium ferrule for added strength.10 year guarantee.

Made in NZ from local materials. 

Grow Resilience - be prepared for the unexpected and improve your self-reliance through gardening. Made locally.