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Superlux LED Diffuser Optimised Downlights General Superlux

Superlux LED Diffuser Optimised Downlights

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After twelve months of rigorous component testing and development Superlux have released a new range of LED downlights with an ingenious heat-sink designed to ensure they will last the distance.

Regular Domestic downlights face a challenge when covered by thermal insulation which prevents the heat from being convected away above the fitting.

The new Superlux LDL downlights solve this problem, by conducting heat from the LED mounting surface as well as the electronics enclosure down off of the fitting turning the decorative aluminum trim that sits below the ceiling into a cleverly disguised heat-sink.

LED life 20,000 hours

These lights must be installed by a Registered Electrician.

Because the new LDL downlights have enclosed bodies and built-in diffusers they do not allow dust to get inside and reduce light output or compromise the ceiling thermal barrier.

The LDL 125, LDL 100 and LDL 80 downlights have similar light outputs to 100, 75 and 35 watt incandescent downlights despite using only 8 W, 5.5 W and 
3.5 W respectively.

The LDL fixed downlights have a warm 3000K colour temperature and ‘soft’ lighting appearance due to the integral diffuser which shows no hot spots from the multiple LEDs across its surface. The diffuser provides a uniform low-glare 60° beam, but with a soft cut-off that delivers light above and beyond the 60° much like the light distribution people are used to from incandescent fittings.

• Double insulated
• 230-240V • IP20
• Can be mounted into normally flammable surfaces
• Colour temperature 3,000k Warm White
• Colour rendering CRI=80
• Minimum Cavity depth=180mm

Downlight classification IC
Class IC = Insulation contact. This luminaire can be abutted and covered with building insulation of Glass wool type. If you are using Blanket insulation eg Mammoth or Insulpro, this should be placed over the top of the glass wool insulation.
Please note that this downlight can be installed where ambient room temperatures do not exceed 35 degrees.

Compliance certificates and testing accreditation
SDoc - Energy Safety Suppliers declaration
UL Laboratory Tested to:
EMC Compliant