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Trade Aid Handymans Soap

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The handyman can with Handyman's soap

This soap is made by the Palam Rural centre in Southern India. Palam Rural Centre help make real and long-lasting change for the community. Handyman’s soap contains powdered coconut husk, a natural scrubbing agent that removes dirt, grime and grease without irritating the skin. Labourers in India use coconut husk as an alternative to harsh cleansers

This product uses sustainably sourced palm oil from India. The State of Andra Pradesh is suitable for the cultivation of palm trees, especially in the highlands where farmers struggled with other crops, which have been replaced with palms. When compared to the price of imported palm oil from Malaysia, the local oil is more expensive. However, Palam is committed to conserving nature and protecting endangered animals, and only purchase palm oil locally.

Ingredients: Sustainably grown palm oil, coconut oil, mohua oil, coconut stearic acid, glycerine, coconut husk, citric acid, zinc oxide, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.